Shopify Developer

Benj was born from a principle that incredible web experiences can be developed with minimal costs. The Shopify platform enables this principle for any budding eCommerce venture.
Bring your business to life with a fully customised ecommerce website backed by powerful tools. Helping you find customers, drive sales, and manage your day-to-day

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Shopify Services

Customized website builds
Site refreshes
Theme changes and updates
Existing site migrations to Shopify

Shopify Store Setup

Designing and building the right site for your business.

Let's bring in your products, setup your collections and get ready to sell. I can even integrate your inventory management and logistic channels.

Everything you need for a great online business!

Multi-Channel Selling

Facebook, Instagram, Google, Ebay & more

Expose yourself to more markets, more customers and more selling opportunities. Improve conversion rates with email marketing and much more.
Manage all this and more inside Shopify's growing network.

Find out more here
Benj SEO services Southern Adelaide


SEO is a core focus of my design and development process.

I'm also here to help if you need some custom landing pages or perhaps your current site is not performing as well as it should.
Benj SEM services Southern Adelaide


There's a labyrinth of options to direct your advertising dollar these days.

Let's find the right channels, strategy and customers to help maximise your ROAS!
Google Data Studio Services Adelaide


There’s more data than ever to help your business ~ Website performance doesn't need to be a guessing game anymore.

I can set you up to ensure that your site is achieving business goals now and in to the future.

Launch & Training

When launch time comes, I'll handover your complete site. 

I'll also acquaint you with some on-site or remote Shopify training. You'll then have the tools and know-how to modify and update your site as required.

Of course, I'll always be here for any maintenance, management, tweaks, updates and future ventures!

Pricing Table

When it comes to Shopify Development, one size certainly does not fit all.

Step one is a no obligation chat. Once we establish your business goals I can present the best options to achieve these.

BUT, while all jobs are made to order it’s nice to see a price...

Basic eCommerce Websites

Powerful yet simple eCommerce websites can be affordably built using the Shopify CMS.

Includes premium theme, all content and product uploads, product collections set, basic SEO optimisation, colour and font customisations. 
Plus 5 hours of custom coding.
Limited time offer

Standard eCommerce Store

The Standard package allows us to do greater design customisations, in depth SEO, marketing, logistics management and any design or image work.

Usually around 10 to 20 hours of custom coding work is included.

Why Shopify

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that makes the complexities of selling online wonderfully easy. Developing eCommerce websites on Shopify allows you to focus on the actions that grow your business.
And when you grow, Shopify is ready to scale with you – currently powering 1,000,000+ businesses.

A Shopify developed site can help you to ignore:
• Expensive development costs
• Hosting
• Data protection
• Payment gateways
• Browser update compatibility
• SSL certification
• Security patches
• Sitemaps
• Robots.txt

…none of these things are sexy, but that's what makes this a pretty big deal.
Why build the wheel
With 2500+ apps in Shopify’s growing app store, the wheel is ready to roll (bad joke, sorry). These apps are here to give us a helping hand with marketing, orders, fulfillment & so much more.
Plus, Shopify also provides our launching platform to other sales channels, Instagram, Facebook, Google and many more to come.

Endless customisation.
Shopify’s built in customisation tools are impressive straight out of the box.

Even greater flexibility with a Shopify Developer
Access to theme files ( Liquid, HTML, CSS & Javascript ) stretches the versatility for your project even further.
Continual Improvement
The typical website lifespan is 2.66 years. Shopify helps you buck that trend with regular improvements. This ensures that the million+ stores hosted on the platform are built with industry-leading best practices.

The fine print

What else should you know about your Shopify website?

Shopify is not without it’s ongoing costs – from $39 USD (or even a well hidden $9 plan). This includes quality hosting, making it a reasonable deal.
Even more reasonable when the dollar is good!

Shopify also takes it’s slice of each sale. This amount varies with between each payment provider. But the value of the Shopify payment option is pretty hard to beat. And the shear choice of payment providers is another selling point of the platform.

If you need a brick and mortar POS solution, then Shopify may have you covered there too.

*I find Vend to be a superior POS solution in most cases. But don’t worry, Vend and Shopify play very nicely together.
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