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Bridging the worlds of creative & business - benj implements digital solutions that drive business through growth & efficiencies.

Why benj?


Because understanding business realities requires real world experience.

Over a decade spent as General Manager of a national manufacturing & retail brand enables benj to translate digital opportunities into significant & measurable benefits for your business.

Don’t let your critical online presence rely on hipster ‘Byron, who wants to trial the latest fad he caught on a podcast while riding his fixie to work…



Behind the benj brand is Ben (me). One person. Always.

benj is a response to the typical agency experience.

  • Forget being sold to by sales rep & senior developers – before junior assistant #3 who you’ve never met finally actions your project from a post it note pinned to the ‘Scrum’ board.
  • Forget funding advertising budgets & weekly team building ‘Karaoke & Poke Bowl’ lunches.

My business model is simple. Develop good relationships with good businesses & grow through word of mouth.

Find out more about me here.

Utilising market leading Shopify & WordPress platforms to do the heavy lifting. The benj development process ensures timely & economical website builds.

Energy can then focus on designing useful, effective & inspiring websites.

Sure I could boast about being ‘Google certified’. But isn’t that kind of like a Ford dealer recommending a Ford vehicle…?We can do better than that.

Throw the rulebooks out the window & increase the return on your advertising spend.

There’s a lot of hype & promises out there about SEO services.

My only huge promise is to discuss with full transparency SEO strategy & value for your business.

Then we can get to work & get you found!

There’s more data than ever to help your business.

Find out what you need to know, how to ‘know it’ & how to use this to your advantage.

Focus on the important activities in your business – automate the rest.

The possibilities to take the grunt work out of your daily tasks are increasing every day. Let’s see if we can save you some time.

Bring your story to life & inspire your audience with engaging whiteboard animation.

Capture your audiences attention to explain difficult content or help your selling proposition cut through.

Every great web presence still needs a great supporting cast.

Logo Design.
Print Advertising.

Looking for a fresh perspective?

Bringing some external experience to the table can introduce new ideas to your business/industry.

Sync brick & mortar systems with your eCommerce platform.
Modern cloud based POS provide cost effective, intuitive time saving checkout solutions.

Love it or hate it Social is here to stay. You don’t need to be everywhere all the time – but let’s make sure you’re on the right channels at the right time & looking good!
Valuable selling, advertising & communication channels.


If you’ve never had a web presence, your existing site needs a refresh, a little maintenance, some marketing support or you just want to bounce some ideas around, I’d love to hear from you!


Recent Projects 


After being told time & time again that the Bunkers offering was so complex it required an expensive custom built website, we rolled up our sleeves… & let Shopify do most of the work! 

This Shopify eCommerce website sits at the cornerstone of Bunkers PTY LTD’s extensive brand refresh. With a rich 35+ year history of making & selling bunk beds through traditional channels, safe to say Bunkers were a little sceptical on how eCommerce could perform for them. 

Initial results are positive to say the least, with online sales exceeding brick & mortar in the 3 months since launch!

Read more about this great project

Bunkers Animation

The Bunkers brand had a very strong selling proposition when face to face with customers. Faced with the challenge of getting this across to consumers in the digital mediums, they required a solution that would keep consumers engaged & not overwhelmed.

With Bunk Bed purchases truly a whole family activity, whiteboard animation proved the perfect solution – informing & entertaining.

This iteration is our original, with plans currently underway for the new animation to match Bunkers new product range – stay tuned!

Stock, Logistics & POS

Bunkers brand new eCommerce website is a great example of how the modern website is more than just a sales tool. 

Bunkers.com.au provides the base for a complete marketing, inventory & logistics management ecosystem.

Integrations include Vend POS, Facebook + Instagram Sales Channels, custom spreadsheets, Trello integrations & the Ecomdash multichannel inventory platform. Automations have significantly reduced Bunkers management complexity, while increasing sales channels & sales volume!

Bunkers Data Analytics

For a time stretched management team, consolidating & curating all data sources into one intelligible & functional report is essential. 

The Bunkers Analytical dashboard focuses attention to Revenue, channel performance, demographics, acquisition & keyword data. This customised data set clearly highlights performance of the businesses recent transition into eCommerce & more importantly informs current & future management decisions. 

Insights from this automated monthly report now direct current online + marketing energy to where it is most valuable.

Bunkers SEM

Bunkers initial SEM performance is highlighted by a CPC +25% below their predecessors.

Project #1 tackled Bunkers existing search campaigns. Results have been immediate with the implementation of a new (very extensive) keyword list focussing on ‘long tail’ + a tiered bidding system.

New opportunites have also proved more fruitful than this historical search heavy mix. The introduction of the bunkers.com.au Shopify eCommerce site has enabled a new presence with ‘Shopping’ campaigns. CPC & ROAS figures have already justified a significant shift in budget allowance towards these campaigns.

Immediate results are extremely promising & I’m excited to build on these foundation campaigns.


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